[TT] Why Do People Hate Kim Kardashian?

Photo credits to NewsPlies and the DailyMail UK.

Okay, so...one of the things Kimberly Noel Kardashian had on her Bucket List was to be on the cover of Vogue. Lo and behold, her and Kanye West's faces were printed and printed on cover after cover of Vogue's April 2014 issue for the entire world to behold...or to scorn.

I understand that a lot of people hold strong opinions towards Mrs. To-Be-Kardashian-West, even referring to her and her family in public forums as the Kar-trash-ians. Yes, I do acknowledge she made her way into the media spotlight because of a sex tape released by her ex-boyfriend, Ray J (who has gotten way too much attention for it, by the way). Yes, I acknowledge she has no fascinating talent in acting or dancing or singing (see Dancing with the Stars USA Season 7, Tyler Perry's movie "Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor" and Kim's music video for "Jam (Turn It Up)"). Yes, I can understand that her voice and antics, as featured on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", can be considered annoying and childish. Yes, I can see why you disapprove of a baby name such as North West. However, I truly don't understand the lengths some people will go to verbally and physically show their displeasure with the Kardashians, especially Kim. The hatred for Kim Kardashian is so bad that people have openly shouted racial slurs, threatened to kill her, and even attacked her with flour at a red carpet event (okay yeah, that sounds more funny than scary).

I want to understand why people find the need to make it known that they are Anti-Kim Kardashian.

Personally, I think that Kim is a very lucky girl for being able to live a life of luxury at birth (thanks to the success of her birth father, Robert G. Kardashian) and in making a name for herself during her lifetime (whatever that name may stand for). I do not have the desire to hate Kim Kardashian because she has served her purpose in my life...to provide me with entertainment. She opens a window of vision to which I can observe how the rich live. She shows me how fame is not all that it is cracked up to be. She has shown me that despite what people that despise her may say or do, she still continues to live her life the best way that she knows how: Head up and [big] booty out.

So tell me, why do you think people hate Kim Kardashian so much?


Health & Beauty: What Does Acne Say About Our Body?


Do any of you believe in face mapping? Or whether acne that appears on your face actually indicates a problem with another part of your body? Here are some beauty facts originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine that I've read that some people think are more fiction than fact. Judge for yourself.

To save you all from this entry becoming a medical encyclopedia, I'm only going to touch on a few specific places on the face and encourage you all to research further if you want to learn more.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believe that the face exposes many things about how our body works. Not only does our face reveal physical ailments, but they also show emotional issues that we may be having.

For example, acne on the forehead and side of the face and ears show problems in the bladder and kidney, physically. They could also physically reveal reproductive, bone, hair, and urinary issues. Emotionally, acne could reveal fear and lack of self-discipline.
Areas on the forehead may indicate problems with the gall bladder. Physically, this could mean problems with digestion. Emotionally, your acne could reveal indecisiveness and issues with courage.

For more about face mapping and what it means emotionally as well as physically, click here to read more: Spot Positions, Acne Locations and Chinese Face Mapping

For remedies to acne in relation to face mapping, click this link to see solutions outlined by Dr. Wang Zheng Hu: Acne Face Map - The Location of Pimples and their Underlying Causes.

NOTE: This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to acne, do not mistaken this for professional or actual medical information, especially in regards to cystic acne. Please consult a doctor and/or dermatologist for further information.


[FF] Perks of Owning a Blog

I had to rush home to make this Favourites Friday post because it means a lot to me what this one person did for me. I'm not going to post their name but they know who they are if they decide to be on this blog again.

My birthday is a week away, but this particular year I asked for donations for a charity called charity: water, so I wasn't expecting any presents at all.

I was surprised today when a friend gave me a birthday gift that was sheer awesome and the thought of the gesture almost made me tear up.

Does this stuff look familiar to you?

Why yes, this is the essential items that I posted in a previous entry here. Why yes, this person did read my blog to find out.

This action from this particular friend merely validated that I'm right in surrounding myself with people who are filled with love and positivity.

To that someone: You are definitely one in a million. From the moment I met you, I knew that we would get along. Know that you're in my heart even if we don't talk or see each other that often.

To everyone else: Have you ever gone out of your way to put a smile on someone's face? How did you feel when you did?


[WW] Unity Mitford and Hitler

Unity Valkyrie Mitford was an English girl, fourth of the 6 Mitford sisters, and most well-known for being a prominent supporter of Nazism, Fascism, and had a close relationship with Adolf Hitler.

What interested me in the story of Unity Mitford was the idea that she was methodical in her pursuit for celebrity-status and the desire to be pit herself against her sisters that led her to become close to Hitler. Obviously, a in-depth detailed biography of Unity would bore you all to tears, but here are some pieces of information I found worth noting:

- Unity Mitford had 5 sisters who gained notoriety for various reasons, including being famous journalists, writers, Communists, and Fascists.

- Diana Mitford, the third sister and notably most beautiful of the sisters, became mistress to Sir Oswald Mosley, founder of the British Union of Fascists, and introduced her little sister, Unity to people associated with Nazi Germany.

- During the first Nuremberg rally when Nazi first came to power and Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, Unity became obsessed with Hitler. Historians equated the Nuremberg rallies to rock concerts, where everyone would be lost in the atmosphere, which is possibly what Unity felt when she met the powerful and charismatic Hitler. Unity stalked Hitler to his favourite restaurant and made eyes at him until he noticed her.

- Unity was often pit against Eva Braun, the companion and, briefly, wife of Adolf Hitler. Both women were jealous of the other and Eva was known to say that Hitler's fascination of Unity came that her middle name was Valkyrie (a Norse mythology figure who decided which soldiers would live or die at war) and that Unity was considered, by Hitler, "a perfect specimen of Aryan womanhood."

- After Eva tried to take her own life, Unity realized that only extreme acts could capture and keep the attention of Hitler. Hence, she befriended Julius Streicher, who wrote for Der Strumer, a weekly, tabloid-like, Nazi and incredibly anti-Semitic newspaper. Unity then asked Streicher to publish an article proclaiming to the world that she was a Jew hater. This shocking act from a British girl became English and German headline news and Hitler felt he had earned a faithful supporter, honouring her with a Swastika pin only rewarded to a privileged few.

- When World War II was announced, Unity could not stand the idea of England going to war against her beloved Hitler and some speculate that Unity's dreams of being by the side of Hitler was shattered. She attempted to kill herself by putting a bullet in her head with a tiny pistol. The suicide failed and she was left with a bullet in her brain that she would die from less than 9 years later because it was too dangerous to remove.

- Unity was taken back to England after the failed suicide and despite her connections with Hitler's inner circle, was never interrogated or imprisoned for treason. This was likely due to her father's connection to the British government. Modern theories about why Unity was left to peacefully live her life, without any interference from Hitler after her ordeal in Germany, was because she had given birth to Hitler's love-child and/or that she was sent to England as a spy for the Gestapo.

I enjoyed learning about the interesting life of Unity Mitford and some of her sisters as well. It definitely brings some insight into how the minds of people in that era used to think. In the modern day where many are eager to reach fame and stardom, it is easier to understand why people of the past act the way that they did.

A FUN FACT: Did you know that there is a mining town in Ontario called Swastika? It was where Unity was born and another reason why Hitler thought that Unity was sent by a higher power to be by his side.


[FF] It's a Symptom

Alice in Wonderland Planner (Inspired by the Original Artwork by John Tenniel)

I was on Instagram browsing through my favourite hashtags, #planner, #aliceinwonderland, and #organization, when I came across a picture that someone had posted of their Alice in Wonderland planner with artwork by the illustrator, John Tenniel. I instantly convinced myself I needed it in my life and after a quick search on eBay and one month of shipping time from South Korea later, this planner/journal/scheduler/organizer was finally in my hands.

Dial NutriSkin Hand Soap in Grape Seed Oil & Lemongrass 

This is the ultimate hand soap. I've been searching for a good one because my skin reacted really badly to method and Bath and Body Works hand soaps. A quick trip to the local grocers yielded me this gem. At first I thought I would smell like a Vietnamese dish, but instead I found the scent light and rather soothing. At the risk of being diagnosed with OCD, I found myself having to refrain from washing my hands. Apparently they have a body wash of same, so I'll have to get my hands on that.

Mannequin from Winners

Yesterday, I went to Winners to check out some home decor items as the place is seriously an underrated treasure grove.I'd seen variations of mannequins and dress forms at Winners but had never decided to purchase one because the prices seemed steep for the quality. When I went today, I bit the bullet on a $60 mannequin cause I haven't seen one that goes for that price. I brought it home and I must say that it is a simple yet big impact piece to my room. I'm absolutely in love with it. Now to think of a name. My boyfriend keeps wanting to give it a guy name...

The Robin's Egg Swing Dress from Gymboree

 Is this not the most adorable dress you have ever seen? In fact, the entire collection is actually mad cute. Seeing for the first time, I automatically knew I had to make my baby niece channel her inner Alice in Wonderland. This is only available in Newborn sizes, meaning the biggest size is 18-24 months so I'm praying that my niece can still fit in this dress by the time I actually get it to her. Fingers crossed! Now if I can somehow get my hands on a black bow headband and convince my niece that she needs to make this auntie very happy by complying to me dressing her up, then all will be dandy.

These are only some of the things I liked from this week. I have lots to be thankful for.
Next week is Valentine's Day! Hope all of you had an awesome week and enjoy the weekend!