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[TT] If They Look, They WILL Find You

At the orientation day for my courses, I was reminded that going into school for my chosen career meant that I was now a representation of said career and, as such, I should reflect on my internet activity.

Image courtesy of Occupy.com

Employers as well as teachers are also people who have access to the internet and a few keystrokes could render some information on anyone. I have heard that many teachers and employers search on social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, to evaluate their potential students and employees.

Of course, the natural reaction is to either A) not be present in social media networks, and B) limit visibility of profiles to protect privacy. To which I ask, should we really be judged on what we do on the internet? I don't mean by what's done on the internet at work because that's a regulatory issue. The concern I have is that there are countless people (that I know) who can have a "good time" (that would be deemed by a teacher or employer at a range of risqué to incredible indecent) and it would have no direct impact/effect on their work. Just because there is a picture of you drunk or someone is holding a joint, does not mean that you can't buckle down and complete tasks set out by your authorities. Have we not been taught that one should never judge a book by its cover?

Not only is it a concern about the fact that employers and teachers have the ability to search online for people's information, but it is impossible to predict what goes through the employer or the teacher's mind when they come across your information. We all hold the freedom of expression and speech and yet we must live in constant fear that someone will misinterpret your internet activity and recreational behaviour as a sign that you are suddenly "not worthy".

This issue seems to be another advantage (or disadvantage) of the accessibility of the internet. Tell me, how do you feel about employers and teachers "looking up" potential employees and students?


[FF] Getting My Life Together for School

Hey everyone!
I really have no excuse to not be updating three bloody times a week but I've been settling into my new place near school and my blog has been incredibly neglected.
I'm back today with another Favourites Friday, so let's go straight into it:


1. Ricky Gervais & the people who illustrated and wrote this version of Noah's Ark
Please be sure to check out other Ricky Gervais stand-up pieces because he. is. HILARIOUS.

2. theSkimm
This is a email subscription service that sends news bits daily to your inbox. I admit to be one of the people to use Twitter to keep myself informed about the world around me (and then I Google to look up further information, you judgmental pricks), so adding theSkimm to my daily life is like a cherry on the cake.
The selling point of theSkimm is that it aims to put the news and political issues into layman's terms. The only downside to the newsletter format is that the headings sometimes distract me from the issue it tries to report.
Here's a sample excerpt:

Excerpt credit of Riggs Partners

3. Kanebo Kate Slim Gel Pencil Eyeliner (Bk-1)
My lovely friend Joyce (visit her personal blog by clicking on her name) gifted me her favourite eyeliner a while ago and I've only recently started adding it to my daily make-up routine. I. AM. HOOKED. I love that the application is smooth with no tugging. Overlap of the formula doesn't result in the removing of colour. It is incredibly build-able and the wand is firm and thin enough to control the thickness of your line. Thanks again Joyce!

4. Sajedene's Twitch Stream
I recently became a subscriber of Sajedene Twitch channel, also known as DotaCinema's SunsFan's girlfriend, after having been a follower for years. After subscribing to her, I instantly felt recognized and even won a Dragon's Ascension Set for Dragon Knight from a giveaway someone was hosting. It felt nice to be able to support someone who streams games regularly, considering I do rely on streams to get me through the week. Be sure to check out Sajedene's stream when you get the chance. I also enjoy and regularly watch/follow:

AdmiralBulldog's Twitch
Sheever's Twitch
Reave's Twitch
DeFrancoGames' Twitch

Sajedene, Reaves, and DeFrancoGames also stream a variety of games, so do not fret if you don't enjoy watching people play Dota 2.

5. The girl I met at the bus loop on Wednesday
I have found that the people at my school are pretty approachable, which really surprised me when I ended up starting a conversation with a girl when she realized that the bus wasn't going to appear at the stop we were waiting at.
She was wearing a SailorMoon tee and I wondered what she may have to say about the remake (SailorMoon Crystal). We ended up chatting on the bus about this and that and it was pretty enjoyable. It surprised me that something as simple as a love for SailorMoon could bring two complete strangers together. I was both fascinated and grateful.
I just wish I had gotten her name.

[well...it would be pretty creepy to have a picture of her here for reference, wouldn't it?]

So readers, what have you been loving lately?


The Internet Spawns Negativity

The modern age has turned the internet into a necessity in many people's lives. Not only is the internet accessible to everyone within their homes, but technology has evolved to allow portability in our web-browsing.

The internet has allowed for platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook make it easy for people to post what is on their mind and folks suddenly have a voice. Businesses have begun to realize the ease and affordability of online marketing. News outlets bring up to the minute news with a few clicks of a button (and a few strokes of their keyboards).

What does this mean for the modern man and woman?

It means many things, of course. Too many, in fact, to fit into a compact blog post. But the issue I wanted to address today is the issue of negativity on the internet.

Picture courtesy of The Guardian

As a frequent (okay-obsessed) user of the internet, I find myself being subject to scrutiny for spending time on the internet enjoying what I browse. For example, the biggest social media trend at the moment is, arguably, the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness and to campaign for donations to support ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) research.

Picture courtesy of Forbes Blog

What I don't understand is why everyone suddenly finds the need to judge such a successful campaign. Yes, we should not be wasting water. Yes, there are things in the news others feel should be more important than celebrities pouring ice and water on themselves. Yes, we should be donating money instead of trying to opt out by pouring water on ourselves. Yes, people probably didn't know much about ALS nor cared too much about ALS before this campaign brought this disease into the limelight.

These are all valid points, but instead of being amazed at how well the campaign has gone and how much money has been raised for a cause that many people did not previously know about, we have people spreading negativity by judging participants. We have people saying "wow that's stupid, you probably didn't even know what ALS was before this" or "stop participating in the social media fad and just donate if you want to help, selfish attention-seeking fool", amongst other incredible demotivating things.

Instead of focusing so much energy on spreading negativity, why not focus your energies for something positive? Productive? I feel for people who come across as ignorant and uppity.

As one opinionated person to another, I just have a few things to say:



So tell me, has our society become so used to having an opinion and having an accessible platform to express it? Does negativity and hate have to be a part of this agenda? What can we do about this?


[TT] My Day Soundtrack

On this Thought Thursday, I decided to share with you all some songs I like to listen to in relation to various daily activities. Going about daily life can be challenging, but music makes the grind much easier and can set the mood for anything. So here we go, just some music to play (perhaps) as we go through our lives:

XXANAXX - Disappear

Dean Martin & Helen O'Connell - How D'Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning

Maurice Chevalier & Hayley Mills - Enjoy It! (from Disney's In Search of the Castaways)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl - Pirates Montage

Depeche Mode - All I Ever Wanted

Iggy Azalea - Just Asking

COOKING (...and singing):
Dash Berlin - Till The Sky Falls Down

Here are just some of the music I like to listen to during my day, feel free to share some of your favourites! I'm always up to listening to new songs and incorporating them into my daily routine!